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Gulf Fresh Fresh Company co-founder, Jacob James is a 4th generation commercial fishermen.  Following in the footsteps of his great-grandfather Eugene Lyons and grandfather Rodney Lyons, Gulf Fresh Seafood Company strives to produce the purest seafood from the Gulf of Mexico to their dock in Bayou La Batre, Alabama.  

Gulf Fresh Seafood Company Co-Founders

Front row: Eddie Webber, Jr, David Koonce.

Back row: Eric Smith, Jacob James

Seaman Family

Eugene Lyons (second from left)

Bayou La Batre

Bayou La Batre

Eugene Lyons

Jew Fish 450lbs

Rodney Lyons, Bayou La Batre circa 1960

Eugene Lyons

Rodney Lyons Buffalo fishing

Rodney Lyons

Bayou La Batre

Bayou La Batre

Mobile County News, 1989

Oyster Boats, Bayou La Batre

Rodney Lyons pulling mullet

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